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What about the potential mold inside my walls?

It’s true.  There may be mold inside your walls.  From a professional, mold expert’s point of view, even if there is mold, you may be justified in leaving it right where it is.

According to an article written by a leading indoor air quality expert, there are certainly situations that justify letting mold sit in places that it is unwanted.

There are a few specific situations that must be in place to follow this course of action, however.  First, the source of moisture that caused the mold to grow must be identified. This is extremely important and not always easy. The source of water and moisture must be identified and permanently resolved.  In addition, the area must be completely dry and be validated with air samples in the living space area that there is NOT an abnormal mold condition detected.

Once the source of moisture has been identified and completely treated, then it may be prudent to NOT tear into walls, ceilings, floors, etc. to find potential mold even if you have strong suspicion or knowledge that it is there as it may make things worse and cause a lot of unnecessary expense for a relatively inert issue.6

360MOLD proudly serves Denver and Colorado Springs with mold inspections to give your families, or employees assurance that they are living and working in a safe environment.  Mold in Colorado can cause just as much damage to property and health as mold in more humid climates and a property inspection is always advised when moving to a new location.  We have the proper certifications and technology to locate, identify and remediate mold in your Colorado home or office.

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