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24-Hour Response Time

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Will mold make me or other occupants sick?

The answer is ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. According to the Centers for Disease Control’s website (CDC) nobody knows for sure how many species of mold exist but estimates range from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Other sources cite millions of mold spore species may exist. Whether all or any of these mold species negatively impacts human (or animal) health is a varied topic of conversation and ongoing research, but according to a large and growing list of articles, documents and publications from numerous scientific, medical, industrial and government organizations there appear to be strong correlation between exposure to indoor mold and health responses. A few of the numerous sources are CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

The information found across many resources is somewhat varied in research and opinion but in a broad-brush answer there is strong evidence for the idea that molds and their adverse impact on health falls into three broad categories:

  • Allergenic molds-those molds that can cause allergic reactions in individuals that are sensitive or ‘allergic’ to them. Have you ever been asked by a healthcare provider if you were allergic to Penicillin? There is a strong correlation to mold allergies and this important anti-biotic which is derived from Penicillium mold species – the same green, ‘velvety’ stuff typically found growing on a piece of bread or other food.
  • Pathogenic molds-Individuals who already have certain immune-suppressed or auto-immune issues such as Asthma, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, cancer chemo patients, newborn babies (undeveloped immune systems) and others are a more susceptible population to fungal/respiratory infections and other immune response issues.
  • Toxigenic molds-In this highly publicized (and inaccurate label) “toxic black mold” category it actually is not so much the mold spores causing the issue. Rather certain species of molds can produce and release toxic compounds, or ‘mycotoxins’, and when exposed at high enough rates all or much of the population may have negative health responses according to published research. Some sources suggest no clear correlation has been proven between mycotoxin exposure and negative health impact but generally agree there is data in favor of the theory of health concerns and agree more research is needed.

While the ‘jury’ is still out on ALL the health related data for negative health impact from moisture & mold exposure there is enough credible information (4,000+ years of it) to make the case that indoor mold growth is NOT a good thing and should be resolved at the earliest possible time by qualified individuals. That qualified individual might be you and it might be a properly certified professional mold remediation consultant and contractor. Don’t take chances on finding out the hard way or dealing with it properly. Let a certified mold professional walk you through the process to determine if you should handle this or have us deal with it. Call now to discuss – 844-360-6653.

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