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Is the Mold in my Bathroom and Shower Harmful?

They’re probably not that bad.

You see, showering causes humidity vapor that clings onto nearby surfaces. Bathroom ceilings, for example, become an easy, defenseless target — like a foul ball to the baseball fan staring at his phone.

Ambient, normal mold spores in the air can easily stick to the already humid surface. Sustained and repeating pattern of this humidity feed the landed spores, and it’s pretty easy for mold in the bathroom to grow, forming colonies that eventually become large enough to see. The caulk and grout in the shower have a job to keep water from reaching potential food source materials, such as drywall, framing and insulation. But because of constant water and movement of the tub/shower from standing and moving while someone is showering, these seals eventually give out or break down. But back to the real question: Are those black spots hazardous?

Most important, it’s not wise for us to assume how your particular bathroom situation impacts your health. Research, numerous scientific publications and a simple Google search have shown that showering with molds inches from your body can be a gross and possibly hazardous idea. But if someone gets sick, we believe it’s likely because of the person’s existing health condition and not necessarily because bathroom mold means trouble.  Based on our experience on this subject, a few black spots of mold in the shower or some failed caulk or grout is usually not enough. At the same time, we’re not doctors. Therefore, we can’t claim to know about your health. You’ll have to check with a licensed healthcare professional for that information.

Another question: What can you do if you find molding near your shower?

The first thing is to mitigate the moisture to the area. That means switch the exhaust fan on. Open the bathroom window or door before showering and leave it open afterward, allowing moisture on surfaces to evaporate. This kills any chance of bacteria to form. And it doesn’t hurt to regularly check, then repair, any issues with the caulk and grout. Even the smallest of cracks can be enough for water to slip behind walls and assist in mold growth.

But if you have a home in Denver, Colorado Springs and Monument and you’re still worried about your bathroom situation, contact us. We’ll give you a free telephone consultation and bond over those black spots. We can also talk about an inspection and mold testing. But most bathroom issues are related to maintenance, so we want to avoid having us go to your home.

Nonetheless, give us a call at 844-360-6653.

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