24-Hour Response Time

24-Hour Response Time

Do I have to tear down the walls, ceilings and floor if they have mold on them?

Maybe, Maybe not! Contrary to the method and claim of most other remediation companies that use toxic, chemical killer products our product and process is often able to recover building materials such as drywall and carpet from having to be demolished and replace & refinished. Of course if there is structural damage to the material […]

How can I find out if there is mold GROWTH inside my home or business?

If you want to discover the chances of abnormal mold conditions and/or mold growth in your home or workplace a moisture & mold inspection by a properly certified mold inspector is likely in order  Call 844-360MOLD (6653) to speak to a certified professional today.

I keep hearing more about mold. Is this a new issue?

Mold is an integral part of our normal environment and is a member of the fungal kingdom. We can’t get rid of it, and in fact we don’t want to. It actually plays a vital role in our world and keeps the build-up of biological matter in check. It’s job is to break down dead […]

Do I have mold in my home or business?

Yes, you do! But that is the wrong question. Mold is found in virtually ALL indoor environments, because as already mentioned it is a normal and necessary organism. There are some specialized, high-tech environments that need to be absolutely mold-free but normal, healthy homes and businesses will always have some levels of certain molds found […]

Will mold make me or other occupants sick?

The answer is ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. According to the Centers for Disease Control’s website (CDC) nobody knows for sure how many species of mold exist but estimates range from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Other sources cite millions of mold spore species may exist. Whether all or any of these mold […]

Why is mold growing inside my home or business?

As mentioned, you DO have mold in your house but if you keep living conditions in check it cannot generally complete the growth recipe and become productive. If you have a mold growth issue in your home then you also have (or have had) a moisture intrusion issue in your indoor environment. There are many potential sources […]

What about the potential mold inside my walls?

It’s true.  There may be mold inside your walls.  From a professional, mold expert’s point of view, even if there is mold, you may be justified in leaving it right where it is. According to an article written by a leading indoor air quality expert, there are certainly situations that justify letting mold sit in […]

Can I just spray some bleach on it or paint over the mold?

While there are still some sources that advocate using bleach for mold clean-up, we do not recommend it in most situations and for several reasons. In published resources chlorine bleach does NOT effectively kill mold, especially on porous surfaces (drywall, wood, etc.) and actually promotes regrowth by adding water to the material and changing surface texture. Bleach […]

If I have had an indoor mold issue, can I ever be completely rid of it?

Assuming you have identified and completely resolved all moisture intrusion issues and the resultant mold growth was PROPERLY removed then there is no reason for mold to return and you can consider it permanently resolved.

Is the Mold in my Bathroom and Shower Harmful?

They’re probably not that bad. You see, showering causes humidity vapor that clings onto nearby surfaces. Bathroom ceilings, for example, become an easy, defenseless target — like a foul ball to the baseball fan staring at his phone. Ambient, normal mold spores in the air can easily stick to the already humid surface. Sustained and […]

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